Masters Team

The Masters team is a fun way to stay fit with a friendly group of Men and Women over 30. We welcome plays of all abilities to come along and enjoy a kick around and small sided matches.

Co-ordinator: Rob Bevan

Training: Monday

Games: Mondays, small sided matches

Age: 30+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a uniform?2019-08-29T08:18:06+00:00

Playing kit is provided to every player registered.

Soccer mums no kit


How can I get involved?2019-08-29T08:13:21+00:00

Join the committee! or take on a club position.

If you’re unsure of what to do You’ll be  supported all the way, where necessary training and guidance will be provided

be friendly, and helpful.

Working with children – free

refer back to get involved page


How do I register to play?2019-08-25T03:30:56+00:00
How much does it cost to play?2019-08-29T08:21:17+00:00

All inclusive in registration – Registration fees announced February

What age group do I register in?2019-08-29T08:09:46+00:00

Please register in the appropriate age group. If your son or daughter wishes to play for multiple teams please discuss with your coach.

What days are matches played on?2019-08-25T03:32:37+00:00
What days are training held on?2019-08-25T03:32:16+00:00
What if I can’t make a training day?2019-08-29T08:14:40+00:00

If you can’t,  inform your coach prior to the session let your coach know.

Ongoing absences must

What type of memberships are there?2019-08-29T08:19:59+00:00

Player registrations

Senior Player

Junior Player

Mini Roo



senior women

Junior training only

When does the next season start?2019-08-29T08:25:09+00:00

Preseason Seniors Jan

Juniors – Feb

Mini Roos – April – September Term 2 & Term 2 & 3 packages



Where can I buy Wolves merchandise?2019-08-29T08:15:17+00:00

link to merchandise page

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